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Our doors have a 21-bolt locking system, superior to competitors.

As you can see from the images below, the Titan steel door which we installed looks almost identical to the original wooden door. This was what the client wanted as it had to match the other doors in the building. The client now has a superior locking system and a steel door and steel frame covered in wood – this has now truly eliminated all concerns regarding their security.

Which door would you prefer to have, to keep a burglar out?

On the left is an actual burglary image, showing a wooden door which has been smashed in two by criminals, an approach we commonly see.
On the right is our Titan Steel Door.

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    See why a lot of people are investing time and money to get a TITAN door, as they do not want to find themselves in the situation illustrated clearly on our

  • How does it work?

    Our door uses a unique registered key locking system in which 22 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel door simultaneously engage into the solid steel door-frame.

  • Steel doors in action

    When you buy a Titan door, not only are you getting the state of the art in burglary prevention, but the door also serves as a fire-door.

Titan Steel doors

Our radio advert:

We fit more security doors than anyone else in the UK

ASL’s TITAN Steel Doors are specifically designed to keep burglars out of your Home, Apartment or Office.
Ideal for crime-ridden London.

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The fact is, wooden doors are just not strong enough to keep them out, no matter how many high-quality locks are fitted. The Titan Steel Door has the appearance of a luxury wooden door, but the strength of a Safe Vault.

Take the advantage away from the burglar and change your door and doorframe now!

The TITAN Steel Door makes a perfect Steel Front or Back Door, or any type of Steel Door. The Titan Steel Door is also an ideal door for an internal Panic Room in your home (or business)

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Points to consider when purchasing a steel door

    • Does the door comply with the Europe-wide fire resistance standard BS EN 1634-1? (which replaces the previous British Standard for fire resistance)
    • Is the door and locking mechanism made in the UK?
    • Does the security key come with a side bar?
    • Telephone the company in the evening or at weekends to see if they are offering the service they promised should anything go wrong with the door locking mechanism e.g. An attempted burglary, etc.
    • This is important as we operate a 24-hour locksmith service we are able to send one of our professional locksmiths out if required, who will have knowledge of your locking mechanism
    • Is the telephone manner of the company that you’ll contacting professional in answering all your questions?

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