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Our luxury Titan Steel doors come in any shape, size or colour. They are made to measure and we supply any colour and design of your choi...

Steel Doors In Action

When you buy a Titan door, not only are you getting the state of the art in burglary prevention, but the door also serves as a fire-door...

Upgrade Your Security Now

At ASL we are dedicated to producing the finest, strongest and most beautiful security steel doors available.
The Titan Steel Door has the appearance of a luxury wooden door, but the strength of a Safe Vault.
We can readily construct the door to customised sizes at no extra cost.
We are a local Authority approved contractor and European Certified.

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Watch Our Video   ASL’s TITAN Steel Doors are specifically designed to keep burglars out of your Home, Apartment or Office.   Ideal for crime-ridden London.   Don’t become a victim, order a survey TODAY!

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Emergency Same Day Wooden Door Replacement

EMERGENCY SAME DAY WOODEN DOOR REPLACEMENT Call For Immediate Response Tel.:0800 731 5463 Have you had a BURGLARY or your door has been forced open? Do you need your door repaired or replaced TODAY? 24-7 service Same-day emergency door

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Titan Steel Door Specifications

  • 21-bolt locking system which locks the door in 3 directions.
  • Galvanised frame 2mm thick with fibreglass insulation.
  • Wing frame composed of 3mm thick steel tube.
  • Wind skeleton 1.5mm ribbed alloy steel with Rockwool insulation.
  • In the frame – 8 steel bolts each 10mm thick.
  • Security mechanism which fixes the door skin to doorcase.
  • Covered in luxury wood cladding.
  • 3 High-strength steel hinges placed in 3 points.
  • Drill resistant casing over locks.
  • 2 Registered security cylinders – registered keys cannot be copied without authorisation from the owner, 3 keys supplied.
  • Door handle, knob, knocker, viewer.
  • We provide any size, any shape and any colour of the door.

How Safe Is Your Home

  • One home in Britain is burgled every 37 seconds. People assume that by extra-strong locks they will be safe. But the door is simply being forced open.
    All of these doors are made of chipboard and therefore no matter how many quality locks are fitted the security will always be compromised.
    If any of these burglary images had one of our Titan Steel Doors, the outcome would have been totally different and the misery of the event and the insecurity of the whole thing could have been avoided.
  • Our door uses a unique registered locking system in which 21 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel door simultaneously engage into solid steel door-frame. To activate the locking system the key is turned in the locks 3 times – each turn more deeply engages the bolts into the frame.
  • For maximum security and optimum strength, we use a modified fitting technique for partition based walls. Partition walls consist of cladding material, typically plasterboard mounted on wooden battens which form the core of the wall.
  • Our Titan doors can be designed to open inward or outward and with hinges on left or right. Because these doors are steel they will not warp or rot and require much less maintenance than a conventional wooden door and frame.
  • The hardwood frame battens into the wall with 8 steel bolts (each 10mm thick). 

  • A special expandable liquid is then used to fill the wall cavity space around the frame and sets rock-hard in 1 hour. 

  • This inner hardwood frame is covered with steel outer frames to increase its strength even further.

High Security Door Benefits

Burglary resistance

European certified. Our TITAN door offers the ultimate in security against forced entry.

Fire resistance

A security door is connected with yards of wire that helps sense weaker spots and also measures the temperature of the fire.

Thermal Insulation

Manufactured to meet all the demands of thermal and sound insulation, this can be an ideal high security door to be installed in domestic spaces.

Level 3 And 4

Our doors come in Level 3 & 4. European certified and German tested.

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Google Reviews

Rosie Satchell
Rosie Satchell
15:21 30 Apr 20
ASL were very quick and professional when replacing our front door and I would recommend them.
Michael Benhamou
Michael Benhamou
20:38 21 Jan 20
This company has done an excellent job for me, from finding a way to get the door setup in a short time-frame, to actually setting a nice beautiful and strong door that looks very good in my flat. I have and will recommend it to friends and familyread more
Paul S
Paul S
20:18 22 Dec 19
John and the team were excellent from the moment we called ASL after we unfortunately had our home burgled. We chose ASL based on reviews and we were not disappointed. ASL were very responsive with fitting a very secure temporary replacement door in what was a distressing time for the family. ASL had a great understanding & empathy for our situation which unfortunately is common these days. We decided to order & fit a steel door and we are very happy with the quality and the outstanding service throughout from order to fitting with ASL. Whilst having a very secure steel door, cosmetically it looks like our original door. Many thanks John and team - we will definitely recommend and use you again 100%!read more
08:55 27 Nov 19
Horrible experience. Will definitely NOT RECOMMEND to anyone. We got in touch with Steel Security Doors 5 weeks ago to Book a Survey thinking they'd be a professional company that is able to deliver the requested service efficiently. We read the reviews and thought they were trustworthy but unfortunately, they kept moving the appointment of the survey (a day before we had booked the survey, meaning we had already requested our days off of work for this) and now 5 weeks have passed and still this survey hasn't taken place. We have had to call them up several times and chased them through emails and they still haven't given us a date for this survey to take place. This is VERY DISAPPOINTING considering the fact that installing a security door is a priority for us to feel secure in our own home and that we wanted our security door survey to be checked before Christmas.read more
Benedetta La Corte
Benedetta La Corte
11:53 18 Nov 19
Very hardworking and trustworthy firm. Ian and his assistant worked tirelessly all day to fit our new door and delivered an excellent result. Ian was clearly very knowledgeable and gave very helpful suggestions on how to improve the security of our building. I tried repeatedly to offer refreshments but they always refused, they were really polite and did their best to cause the least disruption. When they finally finished (it was dark already!) they were going to tidy up but I thought I'd spare them the final task! Very happy and would recommend wholeheartedly.read more
Gabrielle Lang
Gabrielle Lang
10:47 13 Nov 19
Henry was a great carpenter. Came to change my door and locks. Very meticulous and stayed until the job was done. Good quality door.read more
Remi Delcros
Remi Delcros
10:54 29 Oct 19
I had a great experience with ASL. I called them after I was burgled and needed my front door to be replaced. John has been very available on the phone, advising and reassuring me on the best options they could deliver. He sent me a quote within 1h and asked me to book a carpenter on their site. The next day, Henry, an engineer was here to do the work. He was very friendly and did a great door with replacing the door and locks with something more secure than I previously had. He also spent more time than planned as he had to fit the new door to the original frame and installed a beading to make it match with the other doors of the estate. I would definitely use them again for any work I will need.read more
Dan Cook
Dan Cook
17:31 22 Jul 19
Great service on a Saturday afternoon and evening from John and the carpenter arrived promptly on Sunday morning. He did a great job and very secure door.read more
Dominic Gauld
Dominic Gauld
10:32 18 Jun 19
Excellent service. 2nd time I have used ASL to replace a front door. 1st time due to burglary and second time when I moved in to a new flat and wanted to replace the existing flimsy internal front door with something solid. Came out to install door on a Saturday at no extra cost.read more
Tim Brown
Tim Brown
19:39 08 Jun 19
Wanted a solid steel door but wanted it to look just like a normal door from the outside. ASL doors are exactly that. Defiantly feel safe with these doors on the front and back of my house. Really friendly people too.read more
Adam Zucker
Adam Zucker
11:58 07 Jun 19
We required locks to be serviced and new keys to be provided at short notice. ASL came promptly and performed the work to a good standard.read more
Jac Sue
Jac Sue
11:56 05 Jan 19
My ASL Titan door was installed in 2014. I did not hestitate to buy it (£2,500+) as the peace of mind has been priceless. Once the door is just closed/locked, my flat is safe and secure and that is an amazing feeling. I did my research before contacting ASL and speaking with John. If you experience abruptness, use humour. The product is far too good to be put off by initial awkwardness. I also found emailing to be very affective! Everyone who visits my flat are so impressed by the door and also appreciate the need for it. In the near future I plan to move to a house and will definately buy another Titan front door. The only problem I foresee is what colours to choose for the inside and outside of the door.read more
Stephen Ball
Stephen Ball
14:33 28 Dec 18
The door is amazing! Really good quality and great service. Feel so much safer in the flat now
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook
17:22 05 Dec 18
We had an attempted break-in, leaving our door compromised, and John responded immediately. He sent Brian to quote for a replacement door and new locks the same day. When we went ahead with the quote Brian arrived on time, having sourced a much stronger door with ASL locks. He spent a day installing the door, ensuring the work was done to the highest standards. We now have a very strong security door that was delivered and fitted swiftly, making us feel secure again. ASL are knowledgeable about what they do and carry out all their work with charm and attention to detail.read more
Chris Lucas-Jones
Chris Lucas-Jones
22:13 29 Nov 18
I was very impressed with the service, when the engineer arrived to measure the door he explained all of the benefits of the security door well. When the engineers revisited to fit the door they were very tidy and the door looks amazing. I would use the company again and have recommended them to friends and family.read more
Paul B
Paul B
16:03 16 Nov 18
ASL fitted my new Titan steel security door today. The fittters arrived promptly this morning as arranged & the door was fitted within a few hours & totally hassle free. A great professional service.read more
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