Steel Doors In Action

Technical Details

An exploded diagram of the titan steel door.

With accessories and details – a very superior door!

This is an integrated security system consisting of a chrome plated steel main lock with 3 throws, 3 steel bars and steel deadbolt and latch and also the chrome plated steel supporting locks with 4 steel bars at the bottom and the top.

Our Titan doors can be designed to open inward or outward, and with hinges on left or right.

Because these doors are steel they will not warp or rot, and require much less maintenance than a conventional wooden door and frame.

We offer a same-day fitting service, including disposal of the old door and frame.

Design of the titan steel door

In the UK today, 2335 homes will be burgled, that’s one every 37 seconds. Most of these will happen between 1 – 4 in the afternoon while you are out at work. 
People assume that by fitting extra-strong locks they will be safe. Sadly this isn’t the case, as the doors are simply being forced open.

Our door uses a unique registered key locking system in which 21 hard-steel bolts around the edges of the steel door simultaneously engage into the solid steel door-frame.
To activate the locking system the key is turned in the lock 3 times – each turn more deeply engages the bolts into the frame.

For maximum security and optimum strength, we use a modified fitting technique for partition based walls which also strengthens the wall. Partition walls consist of cladding material, typically plasterboard mounted on wooden battens which form the core of the wall.

We attach a hardwood frame into the wall battens with 8 steel bolts (each 10mm thick). We then use a special expandable liquid which fills the wall cavity space around the frame and sets rock-hard in 1 hour. We cover this inner hardwood frame with steel outer frames to increase its strength even further.

While the diagram above shows standard dimensions for our Titan door, we can readily construct the door to customised sizes at no extra cost.


Steel door cross section

This design means that the doorframe is very firmly attached to the partition wall, and the wall itself is considerably strengthened. Any force applied to door, frame or wall is now distributed across all three. In other words, if you could break a door with 100 kg force, now you would need to apply 1000kg or even more to break it, as the loading is more evenly distributed, and steel is far more resistant to attack than a wooden door and frame would be.

Why don’t you replace your inadequate wooden door and frame now, before it’s too late and you become another statistic on the police’s unsolved burglary list!

On the day of installation, your door is delivered in a protective foam-packed wooden crate.

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