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Watch Our Video


ASL’s TITAN Steel Doors are specifically designed to keep burglars out of your Home, Apartment or Office.


Ideal for crime-ridden London.


Don’t become a victim, order a survey TODAY!


The fact is, wooden doors are just not strong enough to keep them out, no matter how many high-quality locks are fitted.

The Titan Steel Door has the appearance of a luxury wooden door, but the strength of a Safe Vault.


Take the advantage away from the burglar and secure your home with our Titan Steel Security Door!

Our TITAN Steel Security Door makes a perfect door for your house, flat, as a rear door or a bedroom door creating a safety room for you at night.

The criteria from Will, our customer, was to match the same design from the inside to the rest of the doors in his apartment.

On the other hand, design on the outside had to match all the doors in the building which we have achieved. 

Both our customer and us are in love with this door .

Please scroll down to read Will’s review.