Famous footballer robbed at knifepoint inside his home in North London

Dele Alli, the Tottenham midfielder
Dele Alli, the Tottenham midfielder
Two  burglars armed with knives struck England football star Dele Alli, in the face after bursting into his home shortly after midnight on Wednesday.
The hit the Tottenhma midfielder and his brother in the face before making off with jewellery and three watches. It is unclear why the security guard was not aware of the two instruders who confronted the footballer after entering through the back of the house, The Telegraph reported.
After stealing two expensive watches, one of the robbers prowled the upstaors and stole some jewellery.
Police believe the £150,000-a-week player could have been deliberately targeted by the robbers.
Unfortunately, it seems to be more and more common for the burglaries to happen when people are inside their homes.
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Two burglars armed with knives struck England footballer Dele in the face after bursting into his home shorly after midnight on Wednesday.