Go Further With Your Security


One of our customers had a theory that in that event of answering a door and someone forcing their way into his family house, he would probably have time to go to a safe panic room within the house and stay there totally protected.  

We could not agree more with this clever way of how to use our steel security door. Furthermore, it is a great way how to secure your home office even if you are away.

Bedrooms steel security doors are becoming very popular especially after more and more homes are experiencing a burglary during the night while people are asleep in their beds. It is always a good idea to have a plan B should the worst occur.

You can also have these doors in your ensuite bathroom or basically anywhere in the house or apartment.

Please go to our gallery to see bedroom panic doors we have fitted. These doors are custom made and we can create any design you require.

High Security Door Benefits

Burglary resistance

European certified. Our TITAN door offers the ultimate in security against forced entry.

Fire resistance

A security door is connected with yards of wire that helps sense weaker spots and also measures the temperature of the fire.

Thermal Insulation

Manufactured to meet all the demands of thermal and sound insulation, this can be an ideal high security door to be installed in domestic spaces.

Level 3 And 4

Our doors come in Level 3 & 4. European certified and German tested.