All of our luxury Titan Steel Doors are bespoke therefore we can supply any size, colour and design of your choice.


We can even match the design of your existing door if required.


But to help you to make a decision, we have a standard chart of models you can choose from at the bottom of the page.


You can also see the door models we have fitted below. For all range of our doors, please visit our gallery.

As you can see you do not have to be concerned that the door will look like a steel door as it has the appearance of a luxurious wooden door as both the outside and the inside are cladded in a wood finish.


We can also supply a security glass in the door, which is stronger and more secure than your ordinary glass, although we recommend as little glass as possible or ideally any glass because glass always compromises the security.

Door Models

High Security Door Benefits

Burglary resistance

European certified. Our TITAN door offers the ultimate in security against forced entry.

Fire resistance

A security door is connected with yards of wire that helps sense weaker spots and also measures the temperature of the fire.

Thermal Insulation

Manufactured to meet all the demands of thermal and sound insulation, this can be an ideal high security door to be installed in domestic spaces.

Level 3 And 4

Our doors come in Level 3 & 4. European certified and German tested.

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