Custom built steel doors

Do you live in a CONSERVATION AREA and your door door needs to look the same as the rest of the doors, but you would like a strong and secure door?

Please see below our latest door installation in a conversation area in LONDON, HOLLAND PARK.
We can also make a different design on the inside of the door. Steels bolts locking into a steel frame, a high security cylinder with registered keys. Luxurious wooden finish. You never felt more secure.

Different design front & back

The criteria from Will, our customer, was to match the same design from the inside to the rest of the doors in his apartment.

On the other hand, design on the outside had to match all the doors in the building which we have achieved. 

Both our customer and us are in love with this door .

Contemporary design

Just by having a look at someone’s shoes, one can tell what kind of person he is.  Same goes for front doors. Traditional or contemporary? Natural or bright colour?

Haven’t decided on the design of the door but you know that it should be modern? Send us an image of the door  that you have seen and love and we can replicate it for you.

Not afraid of bright &

radiant colours?

Make your door stand out 

and show your positivity 

to the world!


Beautiful vibrant green colour steel door with a door closer installed for the Samaritan organisation just outside of London.