Titan Door For Your Office, Shop Or Factory


Offices tend to be broken into during the weekend when they are not occupied. Therefore, the main entrance door of the building should have a very strong door with equally strong locking mechanism.

We can also fit a magnetic locking mechanism to our door giving 500 pounds of pressure against forced entry. They are also suitable for the internal office doors, not just as the main entrance door.

Our door if fire rated by the current BS standards 1634-1.

The door can have also a glass in the door, but we would recommend as little glass as possible because any glass compromises the security even if it is a strong security glass.

Please note, that we can make any design you require or also match the doors in the buildings.

Actual burglary images taken by ASL after called in after a break-in

High Security Door Benefits

Burglary resistance

European certified. Our TITAN door offers the ultimate in security against forced entry.

Fire resistance

A security door is connected with yards of wire that helps sense weaker spots and also measures the temperature of the fire.

Thermal Insulation

Manufactured to meet all the demands of thermal and sound insulation, this can be an ideal high security door to be installed in domestic spaces.

Level 3 And 4

Our doors come in Level 3 & 4. European certified and German tested.