Titan Steel Security Doors


As the saying goes, the first impression is everything. And this is certainly true of your home. A beautiful painted front door makes all the difference.






We can match any wood finish you require or you can choose from the below facings:


Rose-Hazelnut Color (Number 1)    Rose-Hazelnut Pnotex (Number 2)    Rose-Mahogany Pnotex (Number 3)    Mahogany-Hazelnut Pnotex (Number 4)    Mahogany-Mahogany Pnotex (Number 5)    Walnut-Light Pnotex (Number 6)

Rose - Hazelnut                         Rose - Hazelnut Pnotex           Rose - Mahagony Pnotex          Mahagony - Hazelnut Pnotex    Mahagony-Mahagony Pnotex       Walnut-Light Pnotex

(Number 1)                                 (Number 2)                                (Number 3)                                (Number 4)                               (Number 5)                                     (Number 6)


Walnut-Dark Pnotex (Number 7)    Mat Mahogany Color (Number 8)    Walnut-Hazelnut Pnotex (Number 9)    Antique Oak (Number 10)    Dark Oak (Number 11)    Light Oak (Number 12) 

Walnut-Dark Pnotex                   Mat Mahagony                          Walnut-Hazelnut Pnotex              Antique Oak                              Dark Oak                                        Light Oak

(Number 7)                              (Number 8)                                (Number 9)                                  (Number 10)                              (Number 11)                                   (Number 12)


Dark Brown Walnut (Number 13)    Light Antique Walnut (Number 14)    Oxide Yellow (Number 16)    Teak (Number 17)    Light Brown (Number 18)

Dark Brown Walnut                    Light Antique Walnut                 Oxide Yellow                                Teak                                               Light Brown

(Number 13)                                (Number 14)                              (Number 15)                                (Number 17)                                   (Number 18)







Disclaimer:  Please note that colours shown on this page offer only an approximate of their actual real-life counterparts. We cannot be held responsible for any mismatch of colour, as the accuracy of each computer screen our users' view this page on our website will vary.


We offer doors in a Smooth or grained finish.



Smooth American Panel                                                  Grained American Panel




The full range of colours is shown below:


Grained American Panel


The full range of colours is shown below:


1000 Green Beige       1001 Pale Beige             1002 Sand Yellow          1003 Signal Yellow        1004 Dark Golden Yellow          1005 Honey Yellow










High Security Door Benefits

Burglary resistance

Certified by IFT Rosenheim laboratory in Germany, this door offers complete security against theft and burglary.

Fire resistance

A security door is connected with yards of wire that helps sense weaker spots and also measures the temperature of the fire.

Thermal Insulation

Manufactured to meet all the demands of thermal and sound insulation, this can be an ideal high security door to be installed in domestic spaces

Level 3 & 4

Our doors come in Level 3 & 4. European certified and
German tested.