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5.0 22 based on 22 ratings.

Mr & Mrs Taylor, Essex

I’ve always thought that my wooden door was not secure enough, and after an attempted break in which severely damaged the door (lucky for me they were disturbed by my neighbours!); I called ASL had the old door removed and I am now delighted with my new Titan steel door!

May I also say that ASL from start to finish were extremely helpful and totally professional

A Titan, as a communal entrance door

asl720 custom made Titan steel door
“After several offices being broken into, we decided to do something once and for all and remove the main entrance door and get ASL to supply and install a Titan security door with a magnetic lock on the top and a 22 bolt locking system”

Mr R Blackett, London

Mr R Blackett, London
TW2 Titan Steel Door

I’m really pleased with the new door ASL have fitted for me on Saturday 12 January 2013 (picture below). The following things impressed me about their service/product:

(1) they were offering to supply and fix a door, and to do all the making good, at a fixed, all-in price with no hidden extras. Other companies who quoted for the same work sought to charge extra for a letterboxes, a doorknobs, a doorknocker, a peep-hole etc. – ASL quoted the same price with or without these things. Also, where other companies typically offered only three keys, and charged for additonal keys, ASL included three keys in their price. As a result, ASL was much more competitive than other suppliers of similar products (e.g. about 15% cheaper than Banham). I should add that ASL were also able to do the work on a Saturday, thus saving me having to take a day off work.

(2) ASL also has a particularly good product. The door is a single, solid piece of steel with an aluminium outside and a white painted wooden inside, finished to look like a normal front door. It has a single lock built in, which operates 18 bolts. These fit into holes on a steel frame, with the frame and the door being supplied as a single pre-manufactured unit. The competitors whose products I considered were offering something which (as well as being more expensive) was inferior in at least three respects:

(i) rather than being a single solid unit their “steel doors” usually comprised wooden doors with a number of separate, thin steel panels inside;

(ii) rather than having multiple bolts operated from a single lock, they were offering a door with multiple locks fitted (charging extra for each lock), with the same key usable in each. So you would have to turn three locks, to put three bolts in place rather than turning one lock to put ten bolts in place.

(iii) Critically, the competitors’ products did not come with a steel frame, so the new door and locks which they were offering would only have been as strong as the pre-existing wooden frame.

As such, I have no hesitation in recommending ASL and their product.

ASL gave us a very wide choice of finishes on their Titan security door.

Miss Rosenthal, London
SK39 Custom Made Titan Steel Door
My neighbour and I were broken into. We found ASL, who gave us a very wide choice of finishes on their Titan security door. We both went for the SK39 door as we thought the wood grain and facing design were beautiful, as well as disguising the fact that the door is actually steel!

We wanted to feel safe, and now we do

Mr Blumberg, London
TW2 Custom Made Titan Steel Door
I’m a great believer in prevention being better than cure, so got ASL to fit one of their splendid steel doors for me. We were initially concerned about the expense, but when we saw how traumatised a friend was after the experience of being burgled, we wanted to feel safe, and now we do.

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