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Burglary,Nutford Place,London On The 16/03/2017 Another wooden door Forced opened!!!

Another wooden door forced opened, but this time it was at aroubd 11 o”clock in the morning on a quite busy London street.\r\n\r\nIf our prominent  Titan Steel Security Door was installed, the outcome would be totally different.\r\n\r\nReplace your wooden door and frame. Call us on 020 3070 3866 and for more information, please, go to our website

Burglary,Kensington High Street,W8 19/01/2015 PVC doors are so easy to open

As you can see from this actual burglary photograph, It must make you think now all those adverts telling you to buy double glazed doors with their multipoint locking system, that to be fair look impressive but at the end of the day they should be showing you photographs like this.

If this was a Titan door the outcome would have been totally different, go to our website for more information and don’t become a victim!!!

Burglary,Holland Road,Kensal Green,London, NW10 On The 20/04/15

As you can clearly see a burglar does not need a key to enter your home. Can you imagine coming back home and being confronted with this, and of course the mess and the stuff they have taken from inside. Just imagine if this was a Titan steel door do you think it would break in half. Imagine how much force they would have to you use to break open a Titan door. Now imagine if you had one  the peace of mind, you would have when you go on holidays, or if you’re just going to work. It is truly priceless. So now pick up the phone and call us for a survey, and don’t become a victim!!!!  0203 070 3998

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