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Burglary,Broxash Road,London, SW11 14/12/2013 Another wooden door forced In!!!!!!

A beautiful Saturday morning, but not for this Battersea occupier who came home and found that he had been burgled.

It is so so easy for these people to force open wooden doors. No matter what quality locks are fitted. It is getting so sophisticated that there are even sending out scouts to check out potential properties and leave a sign so that they can come to that particular property at a later date.

Ok what can be done to get the upper hand. Just think about wood for a moment, think about a sales man knocking on your door, offering you this fantastic opportunity to secure your valuables within the house and then producing his amazing product, a wooden safe. Of course you would tell him NO thanks, but you are quite prepared to have a wooden door and wooden door frame to protect your home, your family and your belongings.

Well, it just won’t work and your local burglar knows it. Now imagine you called ASL in to remove this wooden door and door frame and install a Titan steel security door and frame with its 22 bolt locking system. Not only does it look like a conventional wooden door. It will have the strength of a safe vault, job done, please go to our website and the next time you leave your home and lock your door you will know that you will be Locking your Home up correctly, Rather than just wasting your time locking a wooden door

Burglary,Columbia Road,London,E2 03/12/2013 . Another wooden door smashed to pieces!!!

Yet another wooden door smashed to pieces, if only they had a Titan steel door. Don’t leave your security to chance get rid of your wooden door and door frame and get a Titan steel door and frame Now!!!! Call us on freephone:0800 298 8008 Or visit our website

Actual burglary image[/caption]

Actual burglary image[/caption]

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