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Burglary,Eastfields Road,London,W3 on the 12/06/2015

Actual burglary image[/caption]

A typical example of a family returning from a hard day’s work to find that they have been burgled as you can see they had very expensive Banham locks fitted to their door, they thought they were safe, but as I’m always saying wooden doors and door frames are just not strong enough to keep these burglars out and they know it. The solution is to get a Titan steel door installed go to our website www.steelsecurity for more information on this remarkable door, and don’t become a victim!!!!

Burglary,Hillborough Close,Wimbledon,London On The 18/01/2015 Another wooden door Forced opened!!! www.Locksmiths.London

As you can see by the photograph they had no trouble whatsoever entering this particular house through its wooden door.

If you want the ultimate security for your entrance door please go to our website and don’t become a victim!!!

Actual burglary image[/caption]

Burglars who attacked university professor Paul Kohler receive up to 19 years in jail

© Provided by The Telegraph Burglars who attacked university professor Paul Kohler receive up to 19 years in jailFour Polish criminals who attacked law professor Paul Kohler in his Wimbledon home show no emotion as they are jailed for up to 19-yearsFour Polish burglars who took part in a raid which left a university professor “savagely” beaten have been jailed for up to 19-years.

Paul Kohler, 55, suffered a fractured eye socket, a fracture to his left jawbone, a broken nose and bruising that left him “utterly unrecognisable” during the attack at his home in Wimbledon, south London.

His wife, Samantha MacArthur, 50, was also threatened by the intruders on the night of August 11 last year.

Pawel Honc and Mariusz Tomaszewski, who both admitted grevious bodily harm with intent and aggravated burglary, were sentenced to 19 years each, when they appeared before Kingston Crown Court.

Oskar Pawlowicz and Dawid Tychon, who pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, were both sentenced to 13 years after they pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary.

Sentencing the men, Judge Susan Tapping said they had targeted Mr Kohler’s house either because they had the expectation of finding items of “significant value” to steal or because they chose the wrong address to collect a debt.

Mr Kohler, who was flanked by his wife and three of his four daughters – Eloise, Beth and Saskia – held his jaw and watched the men intently as they were given their sentence.

He hugged his daughters and wife and smiled afterwards.

Honc, 24, Tomaszewski, 32, Pawlowicz, 30, and Tychon, 29, all remained calm as they were sent down.

Prosecutor Charles Evans previously told the court the attack began when Mr Kohler went to answer the door while his wife and daughter Eloise and her boyfriend Geraint were upstairs.

Describing how the four men suddenly burst into the house, Mr Evans said: “No words were used, nor threats, just a rain of punches described by Mr Kohler as harder than anything he had ever experienced.”

One of the men demanded “where’s the money?” and Mr Kohler screamed “you’ve got the wrong address”.

Mr Evans said: “Mr Kohler has absolutely no idea why the defendants targeted him and believes the defendants came to the wrong address.”

The court heard that, apart from Honc, all the other defendants have long criminal records in their country and Pawlowicz has been convicted in the UK for a raft of offences.

Tychon has a total of 14 convictions in Poland, including four counts of burglary between 2005 and 2012 and one of robbery with a weapon in 2005 for which he served 39 months of a 58-month sentence.

For his part, Tomaszewski has 11 convictions in his country, including four counts of burglary between 2005 and 2006.

And Pawlowicz has seven convictions in Poland including four counts of burglary in 2005 and 2006, beating in 1996, robbery with a weapon in 2002 for which he served two years and violent disorder in 2003 for which he was sentenced to four years.

He was also given a three-month suspended sentence at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court for sexual assault in 2006 and was also found in possession of an offensive weapon that year.

The following year he was found guilty of drink-driving and in 2010 he was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court to seven months for affray.

Burglary,Edbrooke Road,Maida Hill,London,W9 08/01/2015 Another door kicked in

We are trying to show you the situation in London, where burglars have an open hand to burgle any home they require if there is a wooden door and wooden door frame fitted no matter how many quality Locks are installed, please look at this picture as an example and many more on our blog Of course there is a solution please visit And see our range of Titan steel doors specially designed to keep burglars out of your home or office. And remember don’t Become a victim!!!!

Actual burglary image[/caption]

Burglary,College Park Close, Lewisham,London,SE13 On The 07/01/15

Burglary call outs so far this month have been above average for us compared to last year, as you can see by the photograph the burglars had no trouble whatsoever forcing the door open.

Wooden doors and door frames will not  keep them out of your home or office no matter how many quality locks are fitted, there is a solution

please visit our website to get a proper door fitted to keep these people out, and don’t become a victim!!!!

Actual burglary image[/caption]

Burglary, Warwick Avenue, London, W9 On The 30/12/2014 Locksmiths.London


One of the most popular situations for any potential burglar, is a basement apartment they can see straightaway if anybody is in as it is normally very dark, from the street. On this occasion the house owner was away for Christmas. They went down and just forced open the door by digging out the locks, really think about wood it is just not strong enough, why not consider now getting a Titan steel security door, go to this link for more information www.steelsecurity and remember, don’t become a victim!!!!

Also on the same day there was a burglary at Biddulph Mansions, Elgin Avenue, London W9 once again a wooden door forced open

Burglary, Greenwich South Street, London,SE10 On the 16/12/14 Locksmiths.London

This is a good example of the way a burglar can use a crowbar to tear away the wood surface to get at the lock and then straight in. You know what I am I’m going to advice get a Titan steel door

visit our website and don’t become a victim 2015 is not looking so good with the Metropolitan cut backs. I think we can safely say things are not so good when they have to sell off their headquarters Scotland Yard, and when you are getting messages like this Planned cuts to police will endanger the public, says UK’s top police chief , it really does mean you have to take your security into your own hands.


Burglary,Horseferry Road,London E14, 14/12/2014 Not a good thing to come home to

Actual burglary image[/caption]

This picture illustrates the problem in London, we should not be using wooden doors to protect our home and belongings, the door was fitted with a very expensive Banham locks as you can see, which proved to be no protection whatsoever. Let’s think it through for a moment. If you went to your local bank and said that you wanted to see your money in the safe or the vault and you went down to the basement and the manager showed you a wooden door and door frame. You would really be surprised. So why do you lock up your valuables your belongings and your family safety with a wooden door and frame, when there is a solution not only will our Titan steel security door look better than the door that you’ve already got, you will get a steel frame and a multipoint locking system so for more information on this remarkable door please visit our website www.steelsecurity and don’t become a victim!!!! And remember next year, the Metropolitan police will be cutting staff that will even make it easier for your local burglars, get the upper hand, get a Titan door

Another burglary in Westbourne Gardens, London,W2 12/12/14

Actual burglary image[/caption]

After breaking into two apartments they came back a few days later and broke into another apartment in the same street only a few doors down from each other. It is so so easy for them. If you have a wooden door and door frame get a Titan door go to and don’t become a victim!!!!

Burglary,Westbourne Gardens, London,W2, Two wooden doors smashed to pieces,10/12/14 Locksmiths.London

Actual burglary image[/caption]

On this occasion, the burglars decided to break into a Victorian house converted into two flats,they must have rung the two door bells during the day, and when there was no reply they easily opened the main communal door as it was on an intercom system.

They then forced open 2 wooden apartment doors. Our advice is to change your wooden door and door frame and get a Titan steel security door, please go to this website for more information, AND don’t become a victim!!!

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